Client Testimonials

Arthur was wonderful at alleviating our stress when it arose and stressing out for us so we stayed calm. I’m thinking about the day the grandmother maple came down over the driveway effectively canceling our open house. He was exceedingly helpful in prepping our home for sale and easily reachable when we had any questions or concerns. Moving out and selling our family home of 15 years was a BIG event in our lives. I’m really HAPPY with our decision to work with Arthur, and we know a lot of talented realtors on Bainbridge. I will strongly recommend him to all looking for an agent in real estate.
— seller, Single Family home in Fletcher Bay

Arthur came up with the successful strategy to buy our beautiful house against 3 other offers. He and Georg are very skillful, were very attentive to us, and are easy to work with.
— seller, Single Family home in Bainbridge Island

My wife and I recently sold a difficult property with the help of Arthur and George. There are many very expensive homes in our area but ours was not one of them. Nevertheless, Arthur and George really went to bat for us. We were surprised and pleased when they took out a full-page ad featuring our property in our local newspaper. Their communication skills are excellent and they were always available to patiently and clearly explain what was going on throughout the sale process. There were ups and downs along the way but Arthur and George were always our advocates and helped us resolve problems as they arose. Eventually they found the perfect young couple who could see the potential for their own home dreams in our property. We recently finalized the sale. Thank you Arthur and George. You have our highest recommendation.
— seller, Single Family home in Bainbridge Island

Arthur and George recently helped us sell our home. It was a very large home for the Island and a bit of a challenge to sell, but they were thorough and tireless in their efforts. You can’t go wrong working with them.
— seller, Single Family home in Port Blakley

Georg Syvertsen and Arthur Mortell have helped us on a couple of purchases and a sale on Bainbridge Island. They are excellent professionals and after going through a total of 4 negotiations we will be sticking with them as we have been impressed each time. They are honest, respectful, and candid. They know the island and they give very good advice during property evaluation. During our sale, they went beyond the call of duty to make our sale go smoothly including arrangement of some minor repairs. They are the best.
— seller, Sold Single Family home in Bainbridge Island

Georg and Arthur took over managing the sale of our Poulsbo home after it had been listed by another realtor for six months with no activity. Georg and Arthur had a plan to sell the home and they produced as advertised. The home is a high end property located on a busy highway (SR 305). The road noise was a huge handicap, but the realtors’ persistence paid off. They gave the home the highest possible exposure through media and held numerous open-houses. They never gave up. In addition, they remained extremely positive and encouraging throughout the process. We received frequent communication informing us of activity and comments of prospective buyers. Their advice on staging the home was on target. They work well with other area realtors in coordinating and negotiating. I highly recommend this team to anyone selling a home in Bainbridge Island, WA or Poulsbo, WA. They are the best.
— seller, Single Family home in Poulsbo
This for everyone looking for an ethical, honest, friendly realtor, and or wondering if they even need a realtor. Arthur and Georg have sold three pieces of property for me in the last three years. A Condo, a Vacant Lot, and a Rental Property. The Condo and the Lot sold within a couple months of going on the Market, and I got my list price on both. The ease of the process made it “Seem” as though there was nothing complex about the process, “Seem” being the operative word. The Rental Property was a different story. It took around nine months, of inspections, unqualified buyers, low offers, and some unique offers. They weeded through them all and gave me the advice and options I needed to make reasonable. I say reasonable because at a certain point my I had some strong doubt, worry and fear (Was this the right choice, should I lower my price, what if it doesn’t sell) about the whole thing, and they were able to keep everything on track. In the end there were no surprises, I got my asking price, I have no regrets, and am left with a sense of gratitude and relief.
— seller, Single Family home in Bainbridge Island

I met Arthur when I was exploring the possibility of moving to Bainbridge. Without any guarantee that I would make the move, he took the time to show me the island and the few representative properties that were available at the time. He then helped me find a short term rental (again before I’d committed to the move). When I found a for sale by owner property during my stay, I sought his help as I knew nothing about buying property in Washington. Arthur was of critical assistance in securing the property and working through the offer, inspection and escrow process with me. He is unlike any realtor I’ve worked with in the past. He listens. He’s all about a win-win solution. He’s available and responsive. I felt like I was working with a true pro who would protect my interests, but also wanted to be sure that I ended up in the right home for me. I would give him the highest possible recommendation!
— buyer, Condo home in Bainbridge Island

Arthur and Georg are a great team! They are incredibly knowledgable and take the time to make sure everybody is on the same page. They went above and beyond what I consider the call of duty to be sure all my needs were met. Their professionalism, honesty and integrity made me always feel I was in good hands. I would recommend them in a heartbeat and appreciate all their efforts on my behalf!
— seller, Single Family home in Bainbridge Island

As advertised, Arthur and Georg delivered exceptional service at every turn. My particular transaction was not a “high end” transaction and I felt they payed as much attention to me as they would have for a multi-million dollar sale. Exceptionally responsive, thoughtful and knowledgeable, I would never hesitate to use and/or recommend this team for any transaction in the future.
— seller, Single Family home in Bainbridge Island

It was a joy working with Arthur and his team. They were very knowledgeable about the area and real estate market, guiding us through each step of the process.
— Cecilie b.

Arthur Mortell came highly recommended to us and lived up to all our expectations and more. From the minute we met at Coldwell Banker Bain, we knew he would help us find our dream home on Bainbridge Island. Arthur was able to quickly determine what we were looking for and what we needed. His incredibly astute knowledge of the area, latest market trends, tenacious nature, professionalism and personable nature made it a pleasure to work with him. His partner, Georg Syvertsen is a solid business partner and together, they make an awesome team. We will be recommending Arthur & Georg to friends and family who want to find their dream home or sell one here on Bainbridge Island. We couldn’t ask for a better real estate professional!
— Buyer, Single Family home in Bainbridge Island
We worked with Arthur and Georg for the purchase of our new home. Georg has been professional, reliable, and approachable. Georg and Arthur were extremely knowledgeable of the market, provided helpful guidance and resources for the purchase of the home and all of the details of moving to a new area. We highly recommend them.
— Michelle and Andrew B.

Our home buying experience could not have been better. Arthur and George know the Bainbridge market and had our back. We knew we had found our home after a few minutes of being inside and we got it UNDER the the asking price and IN our budget —which is a miracle on Bainbridge in this market. We never would have tried without Arthur’s guidance. And after we were under contract — George and Arthur both visited the house with us many times so we could plan our re-model. These guys are the BEST!
— buyer, Single Family home in Bainbridge Island

Arthur was our buyer’s agent and he was extraordinary from the beginning of the process to well after we closed. He has responded to multiple questions about our new home and he has made himself available to help us on multiple occassions. We’ve never had a “partner” (far more than an agent) with his skills and temperament.
— buyer, Single Family home in Crystal Springs

We had been renting our home from out of state, believing the property manager was taking good, diligent care of it, for two years. When the tenant moved out and I finally saw the empty house, I was dumbfounded. Not a single area of the home or the grounds looked cared for, or even remotely like it had when we lived there. Georg Syvertsen saw the house with me the same day, as we were listing it with him and Arthur for sale. Neither of us said what was on our mind as we reviewed it. Honestly, if I were Georg, still struggling in a depressed market to sell homes in top condition, I may well have passed on the listing. Instead, Georg and Arthur took it on full bore. It took a year of repairs and refurbishment to restore the home to its original beauty. Throughout that period, Georg, Arthur, my wife, and I worked as a disciplined team, each member bringing unique strengths to the table. The timing of the completed restoration was perfect. The market had turned. Priced well from the beginning, with ample room for fine-tuning, then closing a deal on the first try, the home sold with Georg and Arthur leading the way with marketing, promotion, networking, and lots of good old-fashioned leg and phone work. Working together, we accomplished every objective we set; then we achieved our final goal of selling the home, well within our price and time parameters. I can’t say enough on behalf Georg and Arthur, except to say that when the going gets tough, and believe me it’s still very likely it will, there is no one better to have on your team. Also, I know of no one better when it comes to finding the right strategy for each set of circumstances, a solution for each obstacle, and the shortest, surest path to a sale. Allowing them 30 days to research the appropriate market, I would use and recommend Georg and Arthur for either the purchase or sale of a home anywhere in the U.S...come to think of it, anywhere period.
— Mike Allison R.

I went to Georg and Arthur for advice on selling some land I inherited from my father. I needed to sell the land to enhance our cash liquidly after my fathers death. They took care of everything and did not exclude me from any part of the process, yet were sensitive to the emotional nature of my situation and did not inundate me with needless questions or ultimatums. They were always available for me to ask questions, and the entire experience was seamless.
— seller, Vacant Land home in Bainbridge Island